Help LaTrecia build a better Harrisburg

I moved to Harrisburg because I saw a future here for my children. I want to keep Harrisburg as a place of opportunity—where anyone can build a life, raise a family, and succeed.


LaTrecia is running for our community.

LaTrecia Glover is a career public servant who has served our community as a child welfare social worker, private clinician, and social worker within our public schools. Through working with parents and children in our community to make sure every child has the resources they need to succeed, LaTrecia has seen firsthand how important Harrisburg’s Town Council is in the lives of working families. 

LaTrecia graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a bachelor’s degree in social work and earned a master’s degree in social work from the University of South Carolina. Born and raised in Cabarrus County, LaTrecia and her husband Wesley moved to Harrisburg in 2015 to raise their family. They have two kids, Jackson and Alivia.

LaTrecia's plan for Harrisburg

Investment in Harrisburg’s economic future that prioritizes the small businesses that have made our community great

Environmentally sustainable town planning that protects flood-prone areas to keep our residents, businesses, and water safe

Keeping us competitive in Cabarrus by ensuring our public employees’ compensation keeps up with the cost of living in our town

Helping Harrisburg make room for new neighbors while working to keep the small town charm that makes Harrisburg feel like home

Election day is only


days from today.